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Breakthrough the Blocks Call

Helping Talented Women
Entrepreneurs Who are

Freaked Out, Overwhelmed
and Overworked. 

You know you have the knowledge
& tools for success
and yet you're stuck! 

Are you ready to play big
but don't know how to get there?

  • You have the passion and knowledge to truly help people but managing a business leaves your head spinning.

  • You're willing and you're determined. 

  • You've learned marketing tactics and have a few tools but you know things aren't working.

  • You're busy but not "making money" busy. 

  • You're wondering how long it takes to achieve confidence. 

  • I’m here, ready to solve that problem and find your fastest, most efficient path to a profitable business!

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    Breakthrough the Blocks Call

    Breakthrough the Blocks Call

    Customized Services for You

    We deliver customized services for
    entrepreneurs like you who know
    you can't achieve your goals all by yourself.

    You know you have the knowledge and tools
    and yet there's something holding you back. 

    Something inside you that you haven't been
    able to uncover...until NOW! 

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    What's being said...

    As a solopreneur, I was referred to Christine when my business was at a place in which I was ready to have someone support me and my business in a more systematic way. I had a website, offerings, and ideas, but I needed systems and supports and someone who could be my partner in implementing strategy. I was thrilled to discover Christine. Christine is organized, professional, and dedicated, and is 100% committed to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners be the best they can be. Whether she is researching a new system, interfacing with clients, updating my website, or proofreading my newsletter, I appreciate her attention to detail, efficiency, and integrity. “ Adina Laver Chief Curiosity Officer Courage to Be Curious

     Adina Laver
    Courage to Be Curious

    I was on overwhelm with the digital offerings bombarding my inbox. There were so many solutions to streamline my business. I hardly knew where to begin. I SOS'ed Christine who had impressed me with her digital expertise. During our consult, she answered my many questions and provided excellent recommendations. Her customized demo comparing several email marketing systems was compelling and demonstrated her superior client service. When you want to implement your vision, I strongly encourage you to follow my lead and call Christine. 

    Barbara Mannino
    Professional Writer 

    "Doing Things is not the same as
    Getting Things Done!
    Jared Silver

    About Christine Rothdeutsch

    My mission is to stamp out Bright Shiny Object Syndrome amongst smart, driven women entrepreneurs on their way to multiple six-figures who know there's something holding you back that you haven't been able to identify. You might call it procrastination and fear. 

    I blend my unique skills of mindset coaching, business operations management and precision automation implementation to guide my clients to discovering their limiting beliefs, negative emotions and replace them with beliefs and emotions that will give them a highly efficient, profitable, and impactful business.

    Being your own boss is both exhilarating and scary, but no one has ever succeeded in accomplishing a big vision by working alone. 


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